Be Transformed, Be Empowered, Be Intentional

The Pour Mentorship
October 5th-November 1st, 2020

                              WE ARE SO SORRY, ALL SPACES HAVE BEEN FILLED!

"The Pour" is a 4-week private mentorship for women who are serious about pursuing and walking in purpose. If you are not ready to be challenged, pushed out of your comfort zone, or to become your greatest self, please do not sign up for this mentorship program. 

This mentorship includes:

  • One private one on one session with Andrea Gates
  • Weekly private Group Zoom Meetings
  • Weekly Assignments
  • Mentorship Shirt
  • Mentorship Package (Folder & Session Outlines)
  • Culmination Lunch (Attendees Will Be Responsible For the Purchase of Their Lunch)

These four weeks are intended to shift you, and to awaken whatever has laid dormant in you. If you are already walking in purpose these sessions will help you in thrive while you walk out purpose and teach you how to manage the pain of purpose.